Auragraph’s are pictures given by spirit, each one is different and tells a story about a person, what’s gone on in there life and what will come in there life if they continue down the path they are on.  We all have free will, we can change the path we are on, and by changing our pathway we sometimes change the things we have been told will happen.

You will probably have heard people who have had a message from spirit say they told me this its all come true just one thing never did, it may be that they changed there pathway in life, spirit see things as they are on the path you are on.  That’s why you will here someone get a message were the medium will say there is two paths in front of you if you go down this one this is what will happen or you can stay on the path you are on and this is were your life will go, I believe that things happen in our lives so we may learn from them and as we go through life the opportunity to change our path will keep coming up.  This is why we have free will, because its your free will that makes your life remember that.

The colors around everybody is known as the aura it is a field of energies and consciousness, the density and vibration is different in each one of us.  The aura shows the current state of evolution and experience.   Spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological, it reflects your whole body, mind and spirit.  The aura tells us who we are and what we will get in our lives.

Aura Colours

This colour in your aura means you are more earthy or mundane person, you will drive your self forwards to get what you want in a negative state, it means anger you will get worked up and and mad its like the old saying seeing RED.
This is always a positive colour in the aura you are very constructive and strong you can push your consciousness in the right direction but if the orange comes in a paler shade it is negative you may have an aggressive sexuality.
This brings harmony and some balance into your life also it can bring healing for a person who is down and fed up with life, you can sometimes be jealous of what others have got.
Means spiritual growth and intellect it also indicates you have a more inspired consciousness and you can use your mental faculties in an inspired manner.
The colour blue is healing the can work in two ways one it can be healing for the person that its round, or the blue may be going from them to someone they may in fact be giving healing of and helping others.
Is a soft colour and can mean a soft person, often someone with this colour in there aura will not talk a lot or have much to say we all have the female and male in our make up, this will push the female side to the front.
This nearly always means spirit or Divine light, the white comes into the aura and in some way changes the shade of the colours that are coming from within you.

Shades of Colour

We can say this colour means this, but the shades of the colours change as our life moves forwards they are not fixed around the body they move as our thoughts and actions change it is not often we see the aura all around the body only parts at times will be seen.

When I do an auragraph I take the colours given to me and then start out to do the picture about the person, but I do this before I have met that person so when I start out I do not know who the picture is for.

You need faith in spirit and yourself because I will stand up in church tell the story about the picture then pick the person out who it belongs to and it all comes together in the end. Its like psychic art this is just another way of working with spirit.

In 2005 I worked with a lady called Rosemary Lipscombe. Rosemary is a psychic artist who does drawings of people in the spirit world.

We did a demonstration at York Spiritualist Centre, we had not met before or ever seen each other. We met 30 minutes before the service, she gave me the drawings, we went on and as I gave the Clairvoyance I gave out the drawings she had done to the people they belong to. That was their proof that there loved ones are in the spirit world, as you see there are many ways that spirit bring to us to make that link all we need is FAITH AND LOVE.

Below are eight examples of auragraphs, click on an auragraph to view a larger version with a brief meaning.

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