I am a spiritual medium born in Pudsey, Yorkshire, England on the 23rd October 1947. I have lived in the town all my life, and I am married with one son.

I have had an interest in the psychic and spiritual matters in life for many years, and in 1981 became a member of the Rosicrucian order, one of the oldest mystical orders in the world.

It was in this order that I started to meditate on my own and started to study the universe and spiritual matters.

My guides name is Yellow Cloud and I feel he is around me most of the time. When people come to me for a private reading some of them have said they have seen a very tall Indian with me. Who knows, maybe you will see him next?

I am a psychic medium and do not need to work with tarot cards, although can if that's what people request. If this is what people want I want to give them proof that life goes on in the next dimension.

It may be hard for people to understand but the clues to life are all around us in most of the religions, we just have to put the jigsaw together.

Start Now!

Many people wish to become mediums, but not all will see Spirit, or hear them speak, you may work with Spirit but you must do it for the right reasons and not just to satisfy the personal ego.

You must always try and help those who are in need:

Heal the sick, Help the bereaved, Assist those that are in need.

Mediums are no different from any other people.


You must learn to go into the silence you read in many books, to concentrate on the one thing i.e. a ball or flower, but I feel it is up to yourself to find what is best for you.
If you go to the meditation page this may help you.

"Help me, O Lord, to descend into the depths of my being, below my conscious and subconscious self, until I discover my real self, that which is given from thee, the divine likeness in which I am made and into which I am to grow, the place where your spirit communes with mine, the spring from which my life rises."

- Bishop George Appleton.

As a medium I want to give proof to those that come to see me that there loved ones do return to the spirit world, then to try and help those that I can. One thing that I am not is a fortune teller. As a medium I take what I do very seriously, and I hope that people get comfort from what I tell them.

The people who say this is rubbish have not grown spiritually, the spirit still sleeps within but you must first except that you are spirit and believe this.

In the silence you can communicate with your inner self, you will begin to realise what life is all about. If we can all change our thoughts to ones of helping and caring, in time the world will change.

Dove I believe that Spirit could change the world, start today. Your thoughts are the seeds of life, lets go and plant the GOOD ones and in the years to come who knows what we may achieve.

PEACE, HAPPINESS and HARMONY may have begun to grow, its your future.
Remember there are no endings, just new beginnings.

Eddie Peace.