Who or what is god?

God is the omnipresent field of consciousness which includes everything within itself but which is not influenced by world processes.


What is meditation?

The process of flowing attention to oneís object of contemplation or to transcendental realities so that insight can unfold and self-realisation can blossom.


What is the spiritual eye?

A term used in reference to the place between the eyebrows to which attention can be directed when meditating. Doing this effectively internalises attention, prana flows, which ascend the spinal pathway during meditation, converge at the base of the brain and are reflected in the spiritual eye sometimes called the third eye.


What is prana?

The first unit of cosmic life force, which pervades the natural order and enlivens it. The prana frequencies active in our bodies are aspects of our soul force.


What is a medium?

The spirit-medium is the individual through which messages are passed. Itís much like a television the medium views the signals that he receives from the spirit world.


What is a ouija board?

Its a device used to contact discarnate entities or spirit. It is made up of letters of the alphabet and a planchette which is used to contact spirit. The use of the ouija board should be avoided at all times, you do not leave your front door open and let anyone come in do you and thatís just what will happen if you use the ouija DONíT.


What is a spirit?

The spirit is an entity that is alive, it is living in the etheric realm. It has no physical body, it is the body of the soul. The soul is eternal and may have many bodies physical and non physical incarnate the body is a human being discarnate is called spirit.


What is a spirit guide?

The spirit guide will be their helper in the spirit world. He brings to the medium spirits who want to communicate to loved ones through the medium alive in the material world, he his a door keeper.


What is faith healing?

Some people claim that they can cure people of disease by miraculous means, healing has gone on from the beginning of time. It is a spiritual force that runs through the body, in some people it is very strong but you do not have to have the faith for it to work. Often with sickness it is the body that is out of tune and when the healer puts their hand on you they re-tune your body and many people feel ok and a lot better, before you say it canít work try it.


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