There are various forms of meditation and exercises which are known as meditation, in the church they would be known as prayers.

Through constant meditation you can tap into a pool of wisdom, in this way wisdom may be gained without recourse to verbal or written instruction.

It may take several years to attain the level you require and it can grow weary sometimes trying to get there, but you must not give up.

Do not expect any spectacular flashes of psychic imagery intuition, do not expect anything, but if something should happen be aware of it and then let it go, don't search.

Breathing correctly is very important. You must breathe deeply and correctly, this will improve the powers of relaxation and help to still the mind. Be aware of your breathing and try to find a natural rhythm.

As you sit and relax, close your eyes, and in your mind see a large lake, the water is choppy but slowly with the mind we visualise the lake becoming still.

Slowly we begin to drift over the lake, drifting and drifting towards the point of white light that we can see over at the other side.

When we begin to get closer to the light feel the warmth and the love, and just drift, but remember don't search, keep doing this until it becomes second nature to you, set aside fifteen minutes a day and keep extending it as the months go by.

You may find that this is not right for you, but do not worry, there are many different ways to meditate, and you will find one that suits you. Some people play soft music in the background and that works for them, myself I like the silence, it takes longer to still the mind but I like it better.

Remember you must meditate as a daily discipline, and eventually you will tune into Spirit simply by turning the mind in the right direction, and realisation will become deeper until they are realisation in the true sense of the word and not simply ideas.

"For a thing to be, it must be innately in harmony with that of which it consists; and consciousness is that state of harmony."

- Validivar.

The goal of all men and women should be union with the divine Spirit the source of all things, the light comes to those who are prepared to be keepers of the flame.
Remember you too can work the Spirit, whatever race or religion you are does not matter.
Take yourself along to a spiritualist church and see how you go.