The Earth When will we wake up to the fact that we all live on the same planet, its like a giant space ship traveling through the cosmos, and if we all pull together the ship will run much smoother we may be different races but we are all human with the spiritual you inside, the outside body i.e. the physical body maybe different colours and sizes but the inner spirit is just the same in all races.

All things in this world have spirit and what we do to others will in turn be done to us, this is spirit law, you cannot escape this.   Man forgets about the inner self and goes blindly forwards in his life not understanding what goes around comes around, we cannot change this law and we must learn to be tolerant to each other.  We hear in this life that if you kill for your beliefs you will be come a martyr.  How blind are we, there is but one God or one power each race does not have its own God.  Remember the spirit in each of us is the same so if you kill someone you sent that spirit back, that is the same as your spirit your very self.  God alone is the judge not man.  When your spirit inside has awakened and begins to progress on its journey in life, when it becomes aware of its spirituality and that it is spirit, man will then start to let the spirit express itself in many ways but it will not force its belief on others.  You can not make people believe in your God. You come to God when you are ready and not before, this is something that happens inside you NOT IN YOUR BRAIN.

WWe are blind when we go to war we pray that we will win and so do the people we are at war with so we all pray to the same God or power.  Why would an all-powerful God want us to kill each other?  He would not so he will not make anyone a martyr and he will not stop the wars for it is us who start them.  Have we not opened our eyes yet, we are here to learn to love, help, care, be tolerant and to live together as one.  We are on the same journey but we have taken many different paths, you can not tell someone your path is the right way or the best, for you have not reached the end of your journey and remember we are all learning something different so we are not meant to be on the same path.

It is human nature to think we are right all the time, many spiritual books of different beliefs tell the same storyís that in its self must tell us there is only one god, and to fight each others holy Wars is a sin against spirit.  All Religions have some of the truths like a giant jigsaw and some have non truths these are put there by man himself, it says women are equal but are not treated this way spirit would expect us to treat all life the same, are we still blind I think we will be blind for many years to come because Religion itself is blind to spirit and its own teachings.

Remember to love all and forget no one for each spirit is part of you like a diamond we have many sides and look after the world for one day we may return and next time you may be a different race with a different belief.   So open your eyes for what you do to others will be done to you I hope you have a safe journey.

Come out of the shadow and sail on lifeís ocean waves
Live your life to the full, do not sail into a safe haven to rest awhile.
For you may miss something in your life,
For life is made up of small moments in time,
Come out of the shadow and sail lifeís ocean.

Do not be still for a moment, keep moving forwards and face the storm of that ocean,
That you may learn the lessons of life, love all that lives and all that you meet.
Put out your hand in friendship help all that you can
For what is in me is in all of you come out of the Shadow and sail on lifeís Ocean waves.

Do not be afraid of what lays ahead this is your path this is your ocean
Sail and keep hold of the helm, lift your head up high and face all that comes
Do not judge others and do not judge yourself
Be at peace with the world and peace with your self
Come out of the shadow and sail lifeís Ocean waves.

And remember to love all that you meet to help and to care,
and when the storm comes someone will be there for we are never alone
on lifeís Ocean waves.

But remember to live each moment in time for we do not know,
How many moments we have left on lifeís ocean waves,
It is not what we have or who we are for we will be judged on what we do
So remember to love, care and help each other for we are all on the Ocean of life
Sailing to the same port of call where we will find that the master of the helm
is within us all no mater what race or belief.

"It is not what man believes that matters but
what actions emerge from those beliefs."

T The material world is for learning so donít waste your life, live it to the full if you break the universal law of spirit donít think that any man can clean you of your sins because he can not.  Your sins are a debt on your Karma and have to be paid back one day.  The law of spirit is always there, it will always be there and the law is fair.   If you set out to hurt someone, human or animal you will have to pay your debt in this life or the life to come, you may have to feel the hurt you caused others.

Some people believe in reincarnation and some donít.  I myself do for it is in this world that you can pay your debt back, who knows how?   If we live life correctly and help each other we will not incur a debt, some people have lots and look down on others who have nothing.  Looking down on them and not helping each other will then become a debt, you can not miss it.   It will be PAID back this is not a man made law that we change to suit ourselves you donít get let off because your at the top.   Being at the top in this world does not count, you can be at the bottom but higher spiritually and that is what counts.

"Human nature, like fruit is ripened by time, only then is its true flavour apparent."

Eddie Peace

Spiritual Medium