Going Home

As I look around I know my time draws near,

my life I see in front of me,
the fun and the sadness,
the hard times and the good times,
the times when I was wrong,
and the times when I was right.

But now there is lots of sadness all around, lots of tears,
are they for me?
or for them?
don't cry for me,
for I am going home to the world you can not see.

As time draws near,
I begin to see clear,
the room is full of friends who went a long time ago,
they look so bright and full of life,
over there is mum and dad,
they have come to take me home.

The room is full of peace and love,
the light is all around,
goodbye my friends, I must move on,
so brush away the tears,
for me a new dawn breaks,
for you a new dawn nears

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