I sit down and close my eyes to all,
the world around my mind is still,
I feel the air rushing past the casket in which I reside as I move forwards.

The colours are all around,
expanding and cascading down,
for this is the glory of the universe,
full of knowledge not yet found.
The past, present and future is all around.

One goes higher towards the light,
like a thousand suns in the night,
you feel the power all around,
the glory of the universe not yet found,
for this is our home, from where we came.

For we are a world within a world,
the doorway you must find,
for it is within the body of all mankind,
so let us close our eyes and still the mind,
for here you will find the doorway full of light, peace and love.

It is your birthright to find the door to yourself and seek the truth,
anything less would be a crime against yourself,
for we are Spirit,
we are truth.

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