If I could live my life again a snowdrop I would be,
it is so strong and stands so straight for all the world to see.

For when the summer sun is hear the snowdrop sleepís you know,
the sun will shine or the rain will fall but the snowdrop will not grow.

Now summerís gone and autumns hear the leaves begin to fall,
the clouds are dark, the wind and rain are very strong, a chill is in the air,
but beneath the earth the snowdrop sleeps for it still is not the time.

Now winterís hear it is so cold the grounds as hard as rock,
there is snow and ice all around on the trees and on the ground,
beneath the earth the snowdrop steers for the time is right to grow.

The ground is hard and full of frost but the snowdrop pushes hard,
a delicate little thing it bursts through all the frozen ground
for all the world to see, it stands so straight in the light cool air.

So remember when times get hard that little snowdrop is in your back yard
for he only comes when times get hard,
to show us all that we can come through
no matter what is thrown at you.

Would you like to be a snowdrop too?

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