Private readings are done by appointment in my home, however I do visit other people's homes within my locality. I also serve churches.
Readings in my home are done using mediumistic abilities and also give proof of survival. Giving past, present, and sometimes the future through messages from the spirit world, given by loved ones, friends or sometimes just Spirit itself.

If you are considering having a private sitting with a medium please visit my Guidance for Sittings page which may answer some of your questions or concerns.

Postal readings are done using the tarot cards, photographs and psychometry (if an object is sent with the photo). When using psychometry I will hold the object and receive information from my senses.

All postal readings are taped, and all objects and photographs returned.

Private readings are 25

Postal readings are 20

contact webmedium for a reading or for further information.

Prices are in UK pounds and include all taxes and return postage. International money orders are accepted.


Readings or sittings its all the same people have them for many reasons. It often helps them when they have just lost someone or they are just feeling down or just worrying about someone or things in their life, spirit will often give them guidance or bring hope.

But remember the life we are living is the life that we choose, we must keep going down are our pathway and at times in are life we will come to a crossroads. This is the time we often have problems but this is when we can choose again the pathway we need to be on.

Young people find life very hard at times and turn to drugs, they may make you feel good but to many it will shorten there life for drugs will slowly break down your mind and the physical body in which the spirit spends its time. Here in the material world private readings can help these young people to see life in a different way. The modern world puts a lot of pressure on young people we are all to blame for we made the world we live in at this moment, you see we make are own problems.

I would sit with you and let spirit come around and tell you some things that had happened in the past this will show you that spirit know, I will then ask my spirit guide Yellow Cloud to allow spirit friends and family to communicate with me so I can give proof of spirit and ask if they can give you some guidance in your life at this moment, BUT REMEMBER DO NOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE TO SUIT THE READING JUST LET IT HAPPEN WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

Spirit do not always tell you the future they just bring proof of who they are and sometimes how they past into the spirit world, we are only a link between the worlds we are nothing special remember I have to live my life just like you with all its problems. They do not help me any more than they would help you for spirit love is around us all.



Eddie Peace