The Planets   Do you often wonder about mans place in the universe and cosmos, for spirit is part of all this.  Man as you know is just like a grain of sand on the sea shore but the spirit within is part of the whole.  We are on a journey of learning and understanding, we call it progression we are moving towards the whole very slowly.  We should first learn to love ourselves to know our self then learn to love others for we are all one as the American Indian would say:-


"All things are connected whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth, man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.  Whatever he does to the web he does to himself."

Chief Seattle, 1854.

  Always remember what goes around comes around, we can not escape the law of spirit.  You may sometimes look up at the stars but what do you see? Just little specs of light.  If you could look with your inner eye you would see a cosmos just teaming with life, and once we all tune ourselves to the spirit we can become part of it.

  The gift of life itself and of consciousness constitutes the greatest blessing that God and the cosmos can bestow upon a human being, and the possession of these things makes every human being under obligation to God and mankind.  It is an eternal debt which can be paid only by the manner of our living.  Therefore instead of life owing us something, we are never free of the great debt that we owe the universe.


  Only life itself and the spirit within our body can be considered as the real and everlasting requirement of our existence.  If we had to separate our material existence from the spiritual one, we would find that we have the reality on one hand, and only the shadow on the other.
  Without fostering and developing the reality, the shadow would soon pass out of existence.  It is up to man to find his spiritual self and to help it grow, this is why we have our material life with all its trappings, it's like a maze you have to find your way to oneself but there are clues all around, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.
  The world is a sad place at the moment but donít despair its up to each one of us to change things, we need to learn to understand each other to help where we can help.  First find oneís self by listening to the spirit self, by being more relaxed and less anxious about our lives and future and by having complete confidence in the spirit within, and by holding a universal attitude of love and kindness to all mankind we will become receptive to the inspirations and guidance from the cosmic and ourself in everyday life.
  Many races have looked to spirit and the cosmos for help in their lives.  The great mystery schools of Egypt knew of the spirit world, much of the Pharaohs life was spent thinking about the world he would go to when death came.  Much of what the mystery schools taught is lost in time, but the key to the mysteries lie within us all follow me into the temple of light and SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

  Remember as you enter the temple of light it's not what we have in our lives, its how we live our life that counts we, will not be judged on our wealth or belongings but on how we have lived our life.  You will know how to do this when you find oneself then you will find truth.
Enter The Temple Of Light   You will always have wars in the material world until the human consciousness progresses to a much higher spiritual level and this must start with children or they will be no hope at all.  Remember this, you are Spiritual from the day you are born, religion is taught to you so religion is in the brain and not in the soul of the human race. When you are spiritual you do not need to have a religion but many who have a religion have not let the spirit within grow and this is why they can kill in the name of God.  If the spirit progresses you could not kill in the name of anything.

  Peace and light be with you all.

  Eddie Peace Spiritual Medium