People ask what is Soul Rescue well when we have finished with the physical body and we die we then pass over into the Spirit World. Some people don’t believe in a Spirit World or any thing and some just don’t excepted that they have died and they are then stuck in the material world.

  Sometimes they become a problem in your home or place of work, in fact Spirit can be anywhere. Often they just need help to get them to accept that they have past over, some are lost just looking for there family.

  So when people ask me to go to there home because they have a problem with Spirit I would first go into the house and get the feel of it to see if I can make contact with the soul, it’s important that you go in with a lot of love, I then find out who they are, why they are there and who the loved ones are. They may not belong in that house but the house may have a lot of love and a doorway to the spirit world may be there if the light comes we have to direct them to the light.

  I have cleared many homes of problems to do with spirit. One of the first homes I did had many problems in all the rooms in the house. A young boy had drown in a well, just were the kitchen is now the front room had signs of witch craft (this had not been done in the house) but the ground that the house was built on. It had been used for witch craft many years before, the bed room had a bad feeling, it was cold a lot of the time even when the heating was on, this room was cold and sometimes there was like a breeze blowing, not a nice feeling at all.

  So in this house I used a lot of prayers in each room and worked with my guide talking to him all the time asking for his help he is very strong when he is there I always feel safe. For the first time working with the spiritworld and my guide in this house I say the Virgin Mary in Gold this is the best thing I have seen, I new then that the work here was done and the house was once again back to its normal self.

  The lady of the house sent me this e-mail her name has been removed.

Hometown: Harrogate

  Eddie: I want to thank you more than words can say for the visit you paid to my house in late autumn of this year (2003). I purchased my new home in January and very soon discovered that the house had many varying and troubled conditions! These ranged from temperature changes, strange smells and uncomfortable, oppressive atmospheres. Very soon I became unwell and felt tired and drained all the time. Sleep did not refresh me, quite the reverse. I often sensed that I was not alone, although I never ‘saw’ anything eventually, I contacted you and you kindly came to assess the house for me. When you did you discovered many different situations. Among other things, there were several disturbed ‘Spirit’ entities, an open ‘spirit gateway’ and also a negative underground stream. You were able to explain everything to me as well as give me advise for restoring my own depleted energies! As a result of your dedication, efforts and hard work I am now in good health and my house is peaceful and calm. I am eternally grateful to you and wish you every success in any and all of your future works.

Sincere and heartfelt thanks. Kind regards, C.B

  This is just one of many letters and e-mails from many people who have had different problems with spirits, I was asked to talk to a young girl of eight who was loosing weight and looking very pale. She had told her mum that a man came to talk to her but only she could see him, so I went to see the young girl and the man came in to the room as well, so I asked him what he wanted from the young girl as he was making her poorly. He was using her energy, he told me what the problem was I passed this on to her Mother and see said that is just what she has been telling us. We have tried to resolve the problem but it’s not worked out how I would have liked it to you see. He is still here but not a problem to the little girl so that's one good thing she has put her weight back on and looks well, but one day he will go back when the time is right.

  So Soul Rescue is something that has to be done, but if we all accepted that we are spirit and when the physical body has gone we pass into the spirit world we would not have to do spirit rescue, this work goes on all the time there are many spirits that need help just like people in this world need help. As you say life goes on in this world and the next, lots of love and light to you all and always say a prayer for those who are lost, God bless.