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Dear Eddie,

Thank you for youíre taped reading, which arrived today, unfortunately my tape recorder is playing up so I could only listen to it once. I was very impressed with some of the names given, as they were foreign and you could not have known from my name that I am from Polish background, great, well done.
    Ann Woods,
    Ealing, London.

Dear Mr Peace,

Thanks, you told me about John who past tragically four years ago. The Harry you gave and the pub was also correct, how right you were when you said I donít look forward to Christmas and felt empty. Many thanks you have a lovely gift.
    J. Ridley,

Hello Eddie,

Many thanks for the taped reading which I received safely, I love the way you work, there is no break in your sentences (except to cough) and itís quite plain to anyone that you love Spirit and your work, I understand all that you said.
PS. I used to give services myself keep up the great work.
    Ada ,
    Southwell, Notts.

Dear Eddie,

Thanks you very much for the postal reading which you sent last week I found it very interesting and helpful, all the best for your future.
    Elain Braunton,
    N. Devon.

Hi Eddie ,

I have just received the reading for me and I would like to say a big thankyou. You gave me the names of relatives who have past on and some very relevant information some of it brought me close to tears. The reading really cheered me up but still donít know how you can do this from a photo and letter, I will have one done again next year many thanks.

Dear Edd,

Thanks for the tape I had forgot all about it, thought you had stopped doing readings I found it very interesting, it was well worth the wait. Once again thanks for your honesty.

    Omagh Co-Tyrone N-Ireland