Yellow Cloud is my Spiritual guide. I have never seen him myself but I do know that when he is around me he is very strong. There is not a day when I do not feel him around me.
Yellow Cloud did show himself to the psychic artist Lynne Rose and she also recieved information from my Indian friend about my mediumship.

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"My friend, I am pleased to able to show myself to you in this manner. I am one of many in this world of the Great Spirit who have the honour of working with you and walking with you on your journey in this lifetime. I come to you quite simply without trappings and I say to you that this is why we honour you so much.

You do not deem it necessary to change the information that comes from Spirit. You have the courage to pass on the correct communication, and this takes strength, for there are those who would 'flower' words from the Great Spirit, and this is not correct.

For the Spirit works hard to master the art of communication as do those of you on the earth plane. Never should you put words where there are none or take away words that there are. Be true to yourself and be true to the power if the Spirit my friend, and you shall never fail.

My name is Yellow Cloud and I bring to you knowledge and light from the great Spirit.

You have many talents and abilities my friend, many of which are as yet untapped. You should follow your heart my friend and you will learn all that is necessary for your progress. Trust in yourself and the great and all-powerful Spirit, for its light and love are within you. Share that light and love with all those you meet my friend."